Guidance and Counseling

Bassen, Kari Counselor (class of 2022 & 2024) 253-571-7418     
Tafuna, Kelsey Counselor  (class of 2021 & 2023) 253-571-7419    
Purdy, T.J. Instructional Coach, IB Coordinator 253-571-7386    
Cantrell-Jeffreys, Juanita Career Counselor (Wed, Fri) 253-571-7358/7359    
Klein, Brenda Data Specialist 253-571-7428    
Rogers, Deanne Guidance Secretary, Registrar 253-571-7340    
Solitaire, Reynelda Guidance Secretary, Registrar & Athletic Director 253-571-7341 or x7425    
Comprehensive Mental Health   - 253-571-7417    

Mental Health Resources


Course Registration

Fill out Microsoft form (Linked above for your grade level)​
1. Select English​
2. Select Math: Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, IB Pre-Calculus, IB Calculus, AP Stats​
3. Science: Biology (9th), Chemistry(10th), IB Bio/IB Chem/IB Physics (11th & 12th)​
4. History: AP Human Geo (9th elective), World/AP World History(10th), US History/IB CWH (11th), Civics & World Issues/IB HOTA (12th)​
5. Write in electives: Year long and semester long​ -- Including the next level of the World Language you are currently taking.

Entering your Course Selection in HAC…​
1. Open HAC​
2. Select “Forgot Password” and change your password.​
3. Click on “Classes”​
4. Go to “Requests” tab.​
5. Classes are listed by department, enter the classes you selected on your Form’s survey. Hit box in front of the class you are selecting, then hit Save.
6. You should only have a total of 7 credits listed when you are finished