Register for Next Year

Use the directions below to register for 2021-2022 courses

Email or call for questions or concerns        
Bassen, Kari Counselor (class of 2022 & 2024) 253-571-7418     
Tafuna, Kelsey Counselor  (class of 2021 & 2023) 253-571-7419    

Note: if your student has not previously attended Tacoma Public Schools, start here.


Fill out the Class Selection Survey (Linked below for your grade level)​
1. Select English​
2. Select Math: Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, IB Pre-Calculus, IB Calculus, AP Stats​
3. Science: Biology (9th), Chemistry(10th), IB Bio/IB Chem/IB Physics (11th & 12th)​
4. History: AP Human Geo (9th elective), World/AP World History(10th), US History/IB CWH (11th), Civics & World Issues/IB HOTA (12th)​
5. Write in electives: Year long and semester long​ -- Including the next level of the World Language you are taking.

Enter your Course Selection in HAC (see also video instructions at the bottom of this page)
1. Open HAC​
2. Select “Forgot Password” and change your password (if needed).​
3. Click on “Classes”​
4. Go to “Requests” tab.​
5. Classes are listed by department, enter the classes you selected on your Form’s survey. Hit box in front of the class you are selecting, then hit Save.
6. You should only have a total of 7 credits listed when you are finished.

Selection Surveys -- see the Course Catalog for Descriptions of Available Courses

Entering your Course Selection in HAC - video instructions