Community Resource Center

We're Here to Help

The Foss High School Community Resource Center is a place of support for all students and families.

The CRC houses school supplies, groceries, hygiene products, warm clothes, and formalwear for students and families in need. We are able to do this due to donations from staff, families, community members, and local organizations and partners. 

Every student should have what they need to learn. Contact if you need help!

Housing & McKinney Vento

Do you have unstable housing? Are you moving from place to place, maybe crashing on a couch or in a car? Email, because you may qualify for a service called "McKinney Vento". It's designed to keep school stable, even if your living situation is unstable.

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Foss Pantry

We have grab-and-go items you can take from the shelves and a few pre-bagged grocery bags for anyone who needs groceries at home.

More Resources Available 

We have backpacks, notebooks, pencils, binders, hygiene items, cleaning supplies and clothes, and more!