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Library and Technology 

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Ness, Lysandra Principal 253-571-7305   Principal's message  
Greer, Wayne Assistant Principal (class of 2022 & 24) 253-571-7311   Greer website  
Harris-Clement, Nancy Assistant Principal (class of 2023 & 25) 253-571-7307   Harris-Clement website
Paige, Antoine Admin. Intern 253-571-7460   Paige website  
Anonymous Tip Line     253-571-7449      
Bales, Jessie Office Manager/ASB 253-571-7318      
Klein, Brenda Data Specialist 253-571-7428      
Matkin, Barbara Office/Guidance Secretary 253-571-7341      
Terry, Samara Attendance 253-571-7316      
Reed, Shiante Athletic Director 253-571-7425   SPSL website  
Baker, Ken Wood Tech 253-571-7422      
Crabbe, Carrie Computer Science, Business Marketing, & Yearbook 253-571-7334   Crabbe website  
Fisher, Kim Health 253-571-7332   Fisher website  
Levens, Grant IB Art, Visual Art 253-571-7320   Levens website  
Parks, Sgt. Joey AFJROTC 253-571-7382   AFJROTC website  
Ruiz,  Lt. Col. Ruiz AFJROTC   253-571-7421   AFJROTC website  
Spray, Camron Dept. Chair, Visual Art, & Broadcasting 253-571-7327   Spray website  
Swenson, Erick ProStart Culinary Arts 253-571-7312   Swenson website  
Wagner, Dean Music: Band, Choir, Orchestra & Percussion 253-571-7344      
Winchell, Stephanie Athletic Medicine 253-571-7330      
Downs, Danielle Treehouse Foster Care Support 253-571-7324   Treehouse website  
Hem, Sinuon Asian Pacific Culture  253-383-3900  
Howard, Kristen Hilltop Scholars, 11th & 12th gr. 253-383-0702 x 115  
Leines, Elizabeth Indian Education (Wed) 253-571-7418   TPS Indian Ed.  
Precious Crawford MDC Upward Bound 253-344-0977   MDC Upward Bound  
Ramon Rowlette Hilltop Scholars, 9th & 10th gr. 253-383-0702 x 115  
TBD College Success Foundation: Achievers 253-571-7335   CSF website  
  College Success Foundation: HERO   253-571-7432   CSF website  
Deborah Walker TRIO Talent Search 253-625-3723   TRiO website  
Ackerman, Becca Career Guidance Specialist 253-571-7458   Ackerman website  
Bassen, Kari Counselor (class of 2022 & 24) 253-571-7418   Guidance & Counseling  
Tafuna, Kelsey Counselor (class of 2023 & 25) 253-571-7419   Guidance & Counseling  
Washington, Heather Counselor  253-571-7429   Guidance & Counseling  
Purdy, T.J. Instructional Coach, IB Coordinator 253-571-7386   Purdy website  

Borsuk, Mariya

School Nurse 253-571-7343      
Deann O'Leary Asst. Nurse 253-571-7343      
Dimov, Vasiliy Chief Custodian 253-571-7303      
Diamond, Sara English 9 253-571-7345   Diamond website  
Merrill, Becca English 10, AP English Composition 253-571-7375   Merrill website  
Naccarato-Gomez, Erienne English, Student Services 253-571-7321   Naccarato website  
Reiser, William IB English, Bridge to College English; Department Chair 253-571-7439   Reiser website  
Selig, Jini LRC English and LRC Math 253-571-7380   Selig website  
Wolfe, Rose English 9, IB English 11 253-571-7370   Wolfe website  
Fullerton, Sean Librarian, IB TOK, EE Coordinator, Webmaster 253-571-7401   Fullerton website



Alden, Nicole LRC Math 253-571-7380   Alden website
Boyden, Jeff IB Pre-Calculus, AP Statistics, Geometry, Math Dept. Chair 253-571-7355   Boyden website
Kurimura, Yachiyo Geometry, Bridge to College Math 253-571-7383   Kurimura website
Madhavan, Rupika  Algebra 1, Chemistry 253-571-7351   Madhavan website
Murnen, Anna LRC Math 253-571-7458   Murnen website
Selig, Jini LRC Math and LRC English 253-571-7380   Selig website
Yuong, Robert Algebra 2, IB Calculus 253-571-7313   Yuong website


Physical Education (PE)

Smith, Brian Department Chair 253-571-7450/7454   Young website



Bailey, Jake Physics, IB Physics 253-571-7360   Bailey website
Kagochi, Travor IB Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Dept Chair 253-571-7435   Kagochi website
Kunkle, Andrea Chemistry, IB Chemistry 253-571-7436   Kunkle website
Langton, Tashi Biology, IB Biology 253-571-7371   Langton website
Madhavan, Rupika Algebra 1, Chemistry 253-571-7351   Madhavan website


Social Studies 

Jones, Brad IB History, World History 253-571-7328   Jones website
Paige, Antoine ASB, AP Human Geography 253-571-7460   Paige website
Ptolemy, Jeff IB History, AP World History 253-571-7321   Ptolemy website
Stroud, Carlena IB Psychology, Civics, World Issues, Dept Chair 253-571-7462   Stroud website


Student Services 

Alden, Nicole LRC Math 253-571-7380   Alden website
Beatty, Janet ACCESS Program 253-571-7416   ACCESS website
Falconer, Allyson ACCESS Program, Dept. Co-chair 253-571-7448    ACCESS website
Faulstich, Christine Psychologist 253-571-7447    
McCulloch, Doug RISE, Dept. Co-chair 253-571-7325   McCulloch website
Murnen, Anna LRC Math 253-571-7458   Murnen website
Naccarato-Gomez, Erienne LRC English     Naccarato website
Selig, Jini LRC Math and LRC English 253-571-7380   Selig website


World Languages 

Draper, Breanna French, IB French 253-571-7437   Draper website
Havens, Katie Spanish, IB Spanish, IB CAS Coordinator, Dept Chair 253-571-7409   Havens website
Hong, Jinhwa Korean, IB Korean (2nd Period only) 253-571-7388   Hong website
Lin, Zhen ELL, Chinese, IB Chinese 253-571-7373   Lin Website
Powers, Marc Spanish 253-571-7374   Powers website